Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace use worldwide

Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace

Buffalo horn necklace is one of the jewelry that is increasingly favored by women both teenagers to adult women and all ages. The reason is very easy because natural material is a classic material and timeless. Material from cow bones and horns is material from ancient times until now is popular. In addition to material from cow bones and horns, there are other materials, namely wood. The types are:

Sono wood

Dalbergia latifolia is a premium quality wood species known internationally as “Indian Rosewood”. This is a mixture of brown or dark red hardwood colors with natural luster and is used to produce furniture, panels and other decorative products. Medicines and appetizers are made from this bark.

Ghana Wood

This is wood that comes from Ghana. These are often used in typical Ghana wood carvings and are more difficult than other types of wood. The light color will gradually darken from time to time.

Pacific Oak Wood

Sometimes people are often fooled and call it Ebony in some parts of Asia. However, Pacific Oak is much more similar to Oak and can only be found in Asia, while Ebony comes from Africa and is much darker in black than Pacific Oak.

Olive wood

Olive wood comes from an olive tree from Ibiza, Spain. Olive wood is a very hard wood and therefore guarantees a long life. It’s also very beautiful because of the texture and variety of natural sand colors. The Olive Tree is now often used as a symbol of peace. Like most wood, Olive Wood will also darken over time, but the texture will always be visible.

Brass material for accessories other than Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace

Material from brass

Brass is an alloy (mixture) of copper and zinc, nickel free. Most horn instruments such as the fallopian and saxophone are made of it. These can be produced in various colors, from deep red to golden yellow depending on the process of polishing the metal. This material can be shaped into forms of desire while maintaining high strength, which makes it one of the most popular metals used for jewelry.

Brass sometimes looks water spots so that it is always dried immediately and thoroughly. If it needs to be polished, it can be easily cleaned with a cloth and fresh lemon juice. Some people react to brass jewelry because brass oxidizes & develops patina (changes color) quite well, but because of this, it can turn your skin green if worn for a long time, or when wet.

Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace and Accessories made of Silver


This silver and handmade material is 95% to 99% pure silver. The higher silver content (compared to sterling silver, which is 92.5%) makes the piece softer and easier to form. Oxidation, hammer marks, and slight design variations are all part of the allure of this distinctive piece.

Usually, if the silver turns black then leaving black coloring therefore many pieces will not be stamped because the stamping process is a very expensive procedure and many manufacturers cannot afford this.


This is a layer of gold pressure that is actually bonded to other metals such as brass and it is the perfect economical alternative for all of you gold lovers. Anyone who can wear gold can wear gold jewelry without worrying about allergies. Don’t be confused with gold plating because gold filled literally has 100% more gold than gold coating and offers all the same characteristics as solid gold such as strength, durability, and beauty.

Even using gold filled items every day for five to thirty years, this material does not peel or change color. The best way to treat your gold-filled items is to keep away from any chemicals, clean them regularly with mild water, rinse well and dry them carefully with a scratch-resistant cloth. Similarly, various types of material besides Buffalo horn necklace are also favored by women.