Selling Original Hermes Horn Necklace And Marketing in China

Hermes Horn Necklace

Having a Hermes dream necklace bought at a boutique that selling original Hermes horn necklace is every woman’s dream. Why are women willing to wait to get their dream accessories even though the price is very high?

Hermes products have expanded everywhere, including in China. China is one of the destination countries because of the many wealthy circles in the country, especially with an increasingly advanced economy.

The strategy carried out by Hermès for China was quite innovative but also rather risky. Hermes plans to use its new store to prioritize the entire Hermes brand experience in front of their consumers in China.

Hermes made their latest main store that opened a few years ago in Shanghai, which is precisely in 2014 (Hermès Maison) designed like a house. Inside the house also has craftsmen located on different floors and the craftsmen are creating products in the house.

The Hermes Maison also has a museum so you can feel their heritage that is rich in art. In addition to retail experience, the company is trying to establish a relationship with the tradition of rich Chinese expertise to increase the attractiveness of the Hermes brand in the country.

Selling Original Hermes Horn Necklace And Marketing Strategies

The strategy adopted was built on the principles of patience needed for craftsmen to produce beautiful products, and diametrically opposed to the fast, gratuitous and shopping systems that all move at high speed.

This strategy is risky from the point of view of accessibility and exposure to the products and brands of rival fashion conglomerates Hermes (for example LVMH and Richemont). Also, Chinese luxury consumers are very happy to travel and are regularly exposed to luxury trends globally. In that sense, they are accustomed to and one step ahead of luxury deals in their own country.

However, the company has also adopted an interesting parallel strategy to broaden the thinking and philosophy behind luxury manufacturing and marketing in China.

In 2012, the company placed its brand and marketing muscle behind the launch of Shang Xia, its Chinese luxury brand. Jiang Qiong’er, the founder of Shang Xia, strongly believes in the tradition of Chinese expertise. This is a key connection between him and the CEO of Hermès, Patrick Thomas, which ultimately leads to collaboration and launch in China.

Selling Original Necklace And Little Baby Shang Xia

Hermes was careful not to let the Shang Xia brand withdraw its own brand identity in China. The current CEO Axel Dumas has said that the Shang Xia brand is described as a “little baby” from Hermes. Even for Shang Xia, Hermès has adopted a different strategy, with a brand that is expected to generate profits only in a short period of time for market penetration.

Another advantage that Hermes has in China is that the brand and product position is calm, unaccounted for, and very exclusive. This is in line with the current crackdown on the Chinese government who dislikes the striking appearance and show off wealth, bling and logos that are too flashy.

The Hermès brand, because of its tradition and strategy for carefully controlling distribution, there is no open display of any logo and its complete absence from the form of celebrity support. This is well placed to attract definitions and perceptions of changing luxury among Chinese consumers. Exclusively without the advertisements full of luxury is something that should be avoided in China at this time.

But once again, preferences and the need for luxury can quickly shift among Chinese consumers. The Hermès strategy introduces “patience” as an element in acquiring its products, can work for or against the company’s wealth in one of the world’s largest luxury markets.

Patience in getting things can make a boomerang for Hermes for the Chinese people who always want speed and the goods must be owned right away.

But until now, Hermes can still maintain its exclusivity in China for all its products including accessories that selling original Hermes horn necklace in all their boutiques in China.