What are Butter Cookies Like and Organic Artisan Butter Jakarta

Make enchanting cake dishes worthy of accompanying your holiday and family. Information about selling organic artisan butter Jakarta is one way to make it yourself in your home kitchen. From delicious gingerbread and shortcakes to cakes with regional cake recipes from around the world, you can choose from the best of traditional and more unique treats to fill your cake plate and give away as gifts.

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1. French Almond Macarons

The names may sound similar, but the almond macaron should not be confused with the macaron as the two cakes are very different. Almond macarons are denser and cake-like, with a crunchy outside and a chewy center. This cake is a sweet treat for the holidays and makes a great gift.

2. Palmier Cinnamon

Palmier cinnamon is also known as elephant ear. It’s a festive treat with heart shapes and light pastries. What makes this cake even more fun is that it’s so quick and easy to make. Simply roll out the finished puff pastry butter dough, brush with homemade cinnamon sugar paste, roll both sides to the center and slice then bake. If you are in a hurry, this is the perfect cake for you.

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3. Italian Pizza

It looks like little lace napkins, so this Italian pizza cake is sure to wow everyone over the holidays. This cake is made in a special waffle iron, and the dough for this recipe is seasoned with anise. You can flavor it with vanilla, almonds, orange zest or chocolate if you wish. These Italian pizza cookies also make fun little serving bowls or cannoli to hold custard, fruit, and other delicious fillings when formed while still warm.

4. Italian Biscotti

Italians have a lot of cookies on their Christmas menu but most famous are the crispy biscotti which can be made in a variety of flavors. Add dark chocolate or nuts, or make it with fruit or not. This cake is even better when dunked in a glass of sweet vino santo (holy wine).

5. Italy’s Amaretti

Amaretti are slightly chewy almond-flavored cookies that are known around the world. They’re great served with espresso or hot chocolate, making for a great after-dinner treat. Since they do not contain flour, these pastries are also gluten-free.

6. Italian Struffoli

No list of self-respecting Italian cookies for Christmas can be complete without the wonderful fried honey balls known as struffoli. It is believed that the recipe for this delicious morsel may have originated in ancient Greece but was adopted as a favorite dessert in Southern Italy. The balls can be formed into a bouquet, stacked into a ball, or covered with sprinkles and eaten as is.

7. Norway’s Krumkaaake Cookies

Scandinavians sure know how to celebrate Christmas. Their bountiful festivities include fabulous food, meat, fruit and lovely Christmas cakes such as Scandinavian krumkake and roses.

Norwegian krumkake cake can be considered one of the prettiest of all cakes. The cake is cooked on a circular toaster, then rolled into a cigar or cone shape. Krumkake cookies have a texture more akin to crackers or waffles than a pastry, frilly and sweet.

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8. South American Alfajores

It is  a must butter cake during the holidays. Every region of South America has its own version of this caramel sandwich cookie, but the basic idea is that a layer of caramel is spread between two butter-sugar cookies to create an irresistible sandwich cookie. Alfajore is flavored with a typical South American brandy called pisco, but you can use any brandy.

9. Puerto Rican Besitos de Coco (Coconut Kisses)

The traditional and most popular puerto rican cake is the coconut besitos de coco or delightful coconut kisses. This cake is easy to make and can be topped off with crushed nuts and chocolate sprinkles. Although similar to a macaroon, besitos de coco uses flour in the dough which gives it a more cake-like consistency.

10. Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookies

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party is a fun and totally popular modern holiday tradition. Instead of carrying a scented candle or a bottle of wine, come with a bunch of these adorable creative cookies made from icing. This cake is becoming popular at parties. And, candy is all you need to make these pastries.

11. Christmas Stained Glass Cookies

Decorate your Christmas tree with these beautiful, easy-to-bake stained glass Christmas cookies. When woven with festive ribbons, these pretty cakes can be strung from branches, and will twinkle with lights.

u-tree lights reflecting in tinted glass. They are fun edible decorations, at least kids can eat them off the Christmas tree.

12. Italian Butter Cookies

Italian butter cookies are the iconic ring-shaped cookies you’ll see sold in blue tins throughout the Christmas holiday season. They are even more beautiful and special when made at home, and make thoughtful homemade gifts you can take with you when visiting friends and family. Best of all, they’re easy to mix and you can customize them to your own preferences.

13.Christmas Light Cookies

Adorable Christmas cookies are a unique addition to any cookie exchange or holiday party. They’re easy to make, thanks to store-bought frosting and uncomplicated cake shapes, baking quickly for frosting and sharing. Mini M&M’s candies decorate a sweet, festive cake that’s almost too cute to eat.

14. Polish Gingerbread Cookies (Pierniczki)

This ginger bread cookies will fill your kitchen with the most pleasant aromas of cinnamon, ginger and clove spices. These cakes were originally baked in intricately carved wooden molds, but are now more often cut into circles, hearts and other fanciful designs. Get the kids involved in helping you decorate these cute little cakes.

15. Polvorones: Mexican Wedding Cookies

Looking like cute little snowballs, dusted with powdered sugar, and made with melt-in-your-mouth butter and vanilla cookie dough, this traditional wedding cake is a real treat at Christmas time. This butter cake is very similar to other cakes around the world. Pecan Balls, Russian Tea Cakes, Snow Drops, Italian Butter Balls, Southern Pecan Butter Balls, Pecan Sandies, Swedish Tea Cakes, and Viennese Sugar Balls, to name a few. Thus the info about various cakes for family holidays and you can buy butter at a place that sells organic artisan butter Jakarta or any other area such as Canggu in Bali.